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Planning for the worst-case scenario while hoping for the best has two benefits: compliance and peace of mind. We bring an intensive knowledge of legislative codes to our work so that you can be confident in your compliance. We can even help you project future maintenance requirements so that maintaining compliance never involves an unexpected increase in your safety budget.

All of our technicians are equipped with thorough training and the most trusted tools in protection and prevention. Our technicians are held accountable for the work that they do. We perform evaluations of actual jobs completed by our technicians to verify proper procedures, quality, and completion.

NFPA 10 Portable Fire Extinguishers

Annual Fire Maintenance:
4-4.1 Fire extinguishers shall be subject to maintenance at intervals of not more than 1 year, at the time of hydrostatic test, or when specifically indicated by an inspection.

Six Year Maintenance:
4-4.3 Every six years stored-pressure fire extinguishers that require a 12-year hydrostatic test shall be emptied and subject to the applicable maintenance procedures. The removal of agent from halon agent fire extinguishers shall only be done using a listed halon closed recovery system. When the applicable maintenance procedures are performed during recharging or hydrostatic testing, the six-year requirement shall begin from that date.

Hydrostatic Testing:
5-1.1 This standard requires hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels used as fire extinguishers and specific components of fire extinguishers.
5-1.2.1 A hydrostatic test shall always include both an internal and external visual examination of the cylinder.
5-1.3 If at anytime, a fire extinguisher shows evidence of dents, mechanical injury, or corrosion to the extent as to indicate weakness, it shall be condemned or hydrostatically retested subject to the provisions of 5-1.4 and 5-1.5.

NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code

NFPA 72 Inspection and Maintenance:
NFPA 72 1-1 Inspection, testing, and maintenance programs shall satisfy the requirements of this code, shall conform to the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations, and shall verify correct operation of the fire alarm system.

NFPA 17A Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems

Maintenance of Wet Chemicals Systems:
NFPA17A 5-3.1.1 At least semi-annually, maintenance shall be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s listed installation and maintenance manual.

NFPA 25 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water Based Fire Protection Systems

NFPA 25 1-9.1 System components shall be inspected at intervals specified in the appropriate chapters.NFPA 25 9.2 Inspection and periodic testing determine what, if any, maintenance actions are required to maintain the opperability of a water-based fire protection system.

NFPA 25 1-10 All components and systems shall be tested to verify that they function as intended. The frequency of tests shall be in accordance with this standard.