Fire Extinguishers

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Proper Selection and Training

Fire extinguishers are critical for every emergency plan. There are different types of fires and different extinguishers for each type. PFE can help you choose the right extinguishers, distribute them throughout your facilities according to code, and maintain working order and compliance year to year.

Just as important as having the right equipment is making sure your personnel have the knowledge and confidence to use them effectively. PFE conducts over 60 fire extinguisher training sessions each year. Each one is led by a full-time firefighter employed part-time with PFE.

Our advanced technology gives each attendee the opportunity to extinguish a live  fire within a clean demonstration environment.

Regular Compliance Inspections

Portable extinguishers require periodic maintenance. PFE Corporation performs annual fire extinguisher inspections in accordance with the guidelines, codes, and procedures as prescribed in Chapter 7 of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 10 Standards for Portable Fire Extinguishers. Our certified technicians will make recommendations to ensure your facility is protected with the appropriate fire extinguishers.

All of these services are performed using PFE technicians. We employ our own certified and salaried technicians to service and repair your fire extinguishers. Each time you require a service, we put you in direct contact with an individual technician specifically equipped to address your fire protection needs.