Sprinkler Systems

The Most Effective Form of Fire Protection

Fire sprinkler systems are a critically important part of any facility’s fire protection plan. These systems have been the most effective form of fire protection for decades, but they must be inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Unfortunately, these systems are often overlooked. Our highly trained technicians can recommend, install, inspect and service the best type of sprinkler system for your unique situation.

Annual Compliance Inspections

Fire sprinkler systems require inspection in accordance with NFPA 25. Our thorough annual inspections are performed only by on-staff PFE technicians. Our software systems keep a record of your equipment and required inspections so you never have to worry about being delinquent or missing an inspection. We can also provide training in the proper use and maintenance of your system so that your team is prepared to respond safely and calmly to a fire situation if it ever happens.

Servicing Integrated Systems

PFE has the expertise to inspect both sprinkler and fire safety systems in accordance with applicable NFPA codes. Our fire alarm and sprinkler technician teams can save you time and money by eliminating the coordination problems that arise when dealing with multiple companies to provide service on both systems.